Firearm defense attorney
in Greenville

An individual who violates the gun laws in North Carolina needs a strong defense from an experienced  criminal defense attorney. Michael C. Fitzpatrick defends clients against all criminal gun charges and is committed to getting results for his clients inside and outside of the courtroom. He understands that a weapons conviction can bring a loss of certain rights and freedoms to the offender.

Firearm Crimes Include:

Possession of a firearm convicted felon
Involvement with stolen or illegal guns
Unlawful gun sales or trafficking
Carrying a concealed weapon without license
Use or possession of a gun on federal property

Gun Charges Attorney in Pitt County

For an effective criminal defense against gun charges, it is important to seek legal advice and contact a defense lawyer immediately following an arrest.  An individual convicted of violating gun laws can face a jail or prison sentence, large fines, and probation depending on the circumstances of the violation. Punishment may increase if the offender has prior convictions, involvement with illegal drug or gang activities, or the presence of minors at the time of the offense.

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A weapons charge may cause a job loss or the inability to seek employment in the military, security or other fields that require a high level of trust. A weapons charge may jeopardize the ability of some to retain a professional license in a chosen career.

Michael C. Fitzpatrick is an experienced and skilled trial attorney in state and federal courts. He fights for the rights of his clients when they need a reliable attorney with a proven record of successful defense cases.  Make an appointment today for a free consultation regarding gun charges.