Sex Crimes

Often times, effective criminal defense boils down to your attorney’s reputation. If your attorney is known as a lawyer who will not hesitate to bring your case to court, then prosecutors will be more likely to be willing to reduce or dismiss the charges against you. The Greenville sex crimes defense attorneys of The Fitzpatrick Law Firm have handled hundreds of cases and have achieved substantial name recognition across the Greenville area and North Carolina. When we arrive in the courtroom and begin our negotiations, we are accompanied by a reputation as skilled litigators who will fight hard and effectively in court to defend our clients’ rights. North Carolina sex crime penalties are extremely harsh. Most conviction result in mandatory jail time and most also result in mandatory registration with the sex offender registry. We have represented clients with a wide variety of backgrounds facing sex crime charges. Often times, charges involve the downloading of images that crossed state lines and that the defendant did not even know they were illegal. Often times, the successful defense of sex crimes charges is influenced by what the defendant told the police. Because of these complications it is often wise to refuse cooperation with the police and to contact a lawyer immediately. Our extensive criminal defense background includes the defense of a multitude of sex crimes.

Sex Crimes Include:

Internet sex crimes
Possession and distribution of child pornography
Prostitution related charges
Child molestation
Sexual assault